The Canyon

Root Inc.

The Brief

Root Inc. asked us to help them make one of their most impactful tools come to life.

The Canyon is a thought exercise that Root Inc. uses to help organizations understand the realities of their employee’s day-to-day experiences. Madhouse was enlisted to take Root’s existing static illustrations and simple animations and create a live-action film version of The Canyon that immerses viewers into the narrative.

The Process

The power of The Canyon lies in its ability to put the viewer in the shoes of each member of an organization, and accomplishing this kind of ambitious storytelling meant creating a complex mixture of live footage and 3D animation. While much of our work involves special effects of some kind, there isn’t a single frame of this film that hasn’t been meticulously 3D modeled, animated and composited.

Root Scene1 Ao Root Scene1 Final
Root Scene2 Ao Root Scene2 Final
Root Scene3 Ao Root Scene3 Final