Defining the Future

Saint Mary’s College of California

The Brief

St. Mary’s came to us looking for a captivating launch video to announce their audacious plans to set themselves apart in the higher education landscape.

This award winning campaign video does what successful campaign videos do: it frames a clear, concise identity for St. Mary’s College, it celebrates the people that make it special, it boldly lays out a vision for what’s next and it balances its delivery in a nuanced way that is both inviting and challenging.

Circle of Excellence

Grand Gold

The Script

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we know that wrapping the right words around the right picture is immensely more powerful than either one on their own. Before the shutter opens, before locations are scouted, before the flights are booked, there are just words on paper, ready to come to life.

Not an afterthought, but the thread that ties the entire piece together: brainstormed, iterated, and written all in house.

SMCC_3D_01a SMCC_3D_01b
SMCC_3D_02a SMCC_3D_02b
SMCC_3D_03a SMCC_3D_03b