Our dreams quickly became reality as we took over the streets of downtown Toledo to film the new Toledo Walleye Game opener.

Visual FX

It all started with a crazy idea. One that we knew would require an enormous amount of visual effects in post. Film rollerbladers in full hockey gear on the streets of Toledo in the middle of summer - then in post, ice over the streets, swap the roller blades for hockey skates and make it snow. Your classic winter for summer switch!

3D Rendering

We knew there'd be a lot of rendering in this spot. Using Arnold for C4D we were able to to quickly make and render ice and skates with realistic results.

Green Screen

Filming our own stunts in the back parking lot on green screen, we were able to drop players from parking garages and hang them off the side of the Martin Luther King bridge.


We carefully pieced together all of the 3D passes and 2D assets to make the "Streets of Ice" come alive.

VFX Breakdown

I know what your saying... show me more! Well, we realize that a project like this wouldn't be complete without a full VFX breakdown. Here it is. Enjoy!

On Set

The video would not have been possible without the hard work from everyone involved. From the staff of the Toledo Walleye themselves, local celebrity Chrys Peterson, and the amazing local hockey talent. A huge thank you from us here at Madhouse! Enjoy some of the behind the scenes production shots.