What Moves You

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Where do you find inspiration? For Madhouse, it comes from a little bit of everywhere.

Last February, we had the opportunity to create the brand for the 2020 AAF Toledo American Advertising Awards. We brought INSPO to life. Short for inspiration, INSPO is all about the elusive spark — where it comes from, how it translates, why it matters, and how one spark ignites another. We invited designers, developers, marketers, and creative masterminds from around the region to share what inspiration means to them. The responses flooded in, capturing the niche perspectives of countless individuals.

We gathered all of the inspiration: personal recordings, Toledo artifacts, ADDYs entries, written thoughts, tchotchkes, and paper and pattern clippings from everything in between. Then, we got to work blending every unique piece into a series of digital, print, and film applications. The end result is a little bit of every agency, individual, and project that makes our regional ADDYs a special celebration of creative excellence, right here in Toledo.

As we continue to create amidst an unsettled, uncertain world and global pandemic, it can be hard to channel new inspiration. In case you need a little reminder of what sparks joy for so many of us, here’s a little reminder from INSPO.

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We hope you enjoyed the brand as much as we enjoyed making it, and that you continue to find inspiration all around you — even if that’s from your makeshift guest-room-turned-office for the time being. Cheers!