The Andersons

The Brief

One of the largest agribusiness firms in the world was looking to develop a tool through which farmers could explore crop nutrient test results as they relate to Plant Nutrient solutions.

Growers could develop either a comprehensive plan across the entire season or choose to punch up one particular phase in the life cycle of a crop. From the outset, we knew the relationships between the crop data and the product spec data was the magic that would drive any successful tool. And we get excited about data relationships.

CropCoach is the result. A smooth, intuitive assessment of nutrient test data, packaged into a compact, yet informative interface, that encourages exploration and discovery. Designed for mobile devices and desktop, the application can be used both in the field (literally) or back at the office.


First contact were spreadsheets of data. Information that a grower of certain crops might recognize as nutrient levels sampled from parts of a corn or soybean plant at various growth stages. The eleven elements are calculated against optimum levels thus yielding a matrix of product selections to either bring those numbers back in line or continue growing healthy, abundant crops.

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