Inspiring a Vibrant Toledo

The Arts Commission

The Brief

The Arts Commission has changed the creative landscape of Toledo – fighting tirelessly for artists, art education and the cultural integrity of our region.

Madhouse was chosen to help define The Arts Commission brand and continues to be a supportive partner in developing a brand that never sits still. We are proud of our local art scene and this is one way we can contribute to keeping it vibrant.
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Artscommission Businesscards
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Telling a story that is still being written. We wanted to simply present the case that The Arts Commission is a vital part of our community by using local thought leaders, business owners and artists.

The Website

As with most websites, The Arts Commission became a victim of their own growth and success. They outgrew the digital architecture of their original design. Madhouse took a step back and organized the content structure by making difficult choices and setting priorities. We simplified their message. We like to simplify.

Artscommission Macbook
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Marketing Materials

As the Arts Commission’s initiatives expand, they meet regularly with potential partners and donors. They needed a way to showcase their services in a conversational setting — and the ability to tailor the materials to the meeting. Madhouse created a flexible family of vibrant cards. One card per program with details on the back lets the Arts Commission add, update and share content easily.

Madhouse consistently helps us distill our message, allowing us to communicate the essence of our mission in a compelling way.

Coupling this with their supreme sense of style, our communication is delivered with greater visual strength and accessibility.

Marc Folk
Executive Director, The Arts Commission