The combination of 3D artwork and Photography can be a beautiful thing. Many times we come across a challenge that would just not be possible without carefully stitching these two art forms together.

Master Thief

Sparr Games

Original Photography

Shot separately in studio, the makers of this game were carefully placed to allow room for our 3D safe.

3D Modeling

Accurate and precise modeling is the first step in selling realism in this type of work.

3D Lighting

When lighting your 3D models it's important that you match the light setup of the actual photography.

Render Engine

We used Maxwell Render for this 3D model. Maxwell exports lights passes that allow us to have complete creative control when compositing the final image. 



A Madhouse Portrait

Madhouse Creative

Studio Lighting

Possibly one of the most important parts of this process is getting a beautiful dynamic image before any 3D work is done.

3D Materials / Shaders

Understanding how light interacts with materials is the first step in creating photo-real materials

Attention to Detail

The Arnold Render engine by Solid Angle allows us to carefully craft detailed shaders that sell the look of "photo-real".

Camera Matching

Matching your 3D camera settings with your on set camera is art art form in and of itself that will seamlessly blend your photo and 3D artwork.

Final Photo Composite

Blending 3D models with real world photography requires some final touches and a beautiful color grade in photoshop to really make it shine.



Winter Is Coming

Toeldo Walleye

Original Photography

Our talent was photographed and lit in studio allowing us to create a beautiful and dynamic image. With three lights and a bounce, we're able to bring out amazing detail in the player.

3D Modeling

A beautiful, detailed model is the first part in selling realism. Modeled in Cinema 4D, this chair was carefully crafted to fit our talent perfectly.

Real World Materials

Texturing and shading using real world materials goes a long way when blending real world photography and 3D models. The stick tape was scanned and UV mapped onto the stick.

Photo Compositing