Understanding the integration of 3D models into everyday projects is key in this industry. Knowing how to build, texture, light and properly composite 3D artwork into our workflow allows our clients to dream big. 

Toledo Walleye - Streets of Ice

From the very beginning, we knew this project would be heavily VFX driven. Replacing the streets with ice and swapping rollerblades for ice skates in live action footage was a challenge we were excited to take on.

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A Great Adventure - Purdue University

We relied heavily of visual effects to make this film come alive. We did build physical sets for our talent to interact with, but those sets were first built in 3D. We then integrated our 3D models into our live action footage. 

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This short film was a beautiful and fun mix where fantasy and reality come together to tell a heart-warming story of a boy's dream to change the world. A large amount of 3D modeling was required to make the town of Mudville come alive!

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Owens Corning Fiberglass Corvette

As it turns out, it's not that easy to find a 1953 Chevrolet Corvette in Toledo Ohio. 3D was essential in making this video for Owens Corning. Rendering this muscle machine in 3D allowed us to recapture the nostalgic feeling of the fiberglas 53 Corvette hitting the raceways for the first time.

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Purdue University - Ever True

This campaign video for Purdue University was rooted in the idea that time would be suspended momentarily. This provided some unique and fun challenges that were solved with modeling and animation.

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Toledo Walleye - Get Pumped

Another fun concept for the Toledo Walleye revolved are the idea of their mascot, Spike floating into town and pumping everyone up for the new hockey season. Since a giant Spike doesn't exist, we made one. With some 3D modeling and animation, we were able to bring spike to life and create a massive crowd rushing to the arena for the Walleye fun. 

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