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The Brief

When a client becomes a partner.

Initially brought in to re-envision the brand for this online school, Madhouse’s relationship with TRECA has continued to evolve as we continue to seek ways to improve the user experience.


Regional ADDY


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Prioritizing User Experience

We design for humans, not bots. Just two months after the redesign, TRECA saw a 307% increase users compared to the previous year. Not only that, but users were more likely to return to the site, and spent more time browsing than before.

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Custom Content Management

From programs, to courses, syllabi and staff, we built TRECA a content management system designed for their unique content. This is no cookie cutter template. Every input and option was crafted to their specifications.

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The Brand

Online education is about choosing a path that works for you, that sets you apart and puts you on course toward the future. TRECA acts as a compass, offering direction without steering for you. Paired with modern typography and crisp, bright blues, this brand holds up to the personality of the organization.

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Primary Color Palette
Primary Color Palette