Relevant & Connected

Toledo Lucas County Public Library

The Brief

The Toledo Lucas County Public library approached Madhouse with two problems to solve. The first problem was an aging visual identity; the second was an online presence that failed to represent their ethos: modern, welcoming and accessible to all.

The mark we created for TLCPL is refreshingly simple. It looks as comfortable as an icon on a tablet as it does on a billboard or a brochure. One of the most important decisions in this design is what isn’t there: a book. As libraries across the country change and evolve, many are facing a similar challenge: to effectively communicate the breadth of their services, beyond the circulation of reading material.

TLCPL’s strategy is to transform from a simple repository of books and information to a hub for community engagement. Their new visual identity reflects this emphasis on relevance and connectedness.
Before After
Tlcpl Cup
Tlcpl Cards1
Tlcpl Bag
Primary Color Palette
Primary Color Palette

The Website

Built for flexibility. Coded from scratch.

Websites use to be like online brochures. The layout was predictable and the content fit into a predetermined template. But there is a big problem with building sites this way: as an organization grows and changes, there are always new and important pieces of content.

We don’t deliver a handful of page templates that all of your future content needs to be crammed into. Instead, we give you a suite of content blocks that you can mix and match to create pages we didn’t even imagine.

Tlcpl Laptop Desk
Tlcpl Ipad
Tlcpl Iphones
Madhouse worked hand-in-hand with TLCPL to craft a masterpiece that makes creating and updating content a breeze — even for non-technical users.

Andy Lechlak
TLCPL Digital Strategist