Seeing Safety

Center of Visual Expertise

The Brief

The Center of Visual Expertise, an innovative enterprise of the Toledo Museum of Art, brings visual literacy to an unexpected venue: the industrial workplace.

Research shows you’re only seeing 10% of what you think you are seeing. The other 90% is filled in with what your brain assumes is there. COVE teaches industrial teams how “seeing the whole picture” can increase workplace safety. Madhouse set out to create a brand that reflects the core purpose of COVE and the research behind it.

Cove Logo Blue
Cove Logo White
Primary Color Palette
Primary Color Palette
Cove Emboss


We implemented the brand across all marketing efforts. From t-shirts to tradeshow booth design, each element takes on a unified look and feel.

Cove Brochure3
Cove Brochure2
Cove Folder
Cove Shirt
Cove Show1
Cove Show3
Cove Show2