META Solutions was formed from the merger of two instructional technology providers, so our initial challenge was to create a site that both communicated the identity of this new organization, and showcased the broad range of services offered. 

Several months into the design process, three additional companies were also merged into META Solutions, adding additional considerations and putting our flexible system to the test. Our future-proof solution was already flexible enough to accommodate the additional content and services with little to no additional development required.

Custom designed, flexible content management

Beautiful mobile experience

Madhouse's commitment to the right solution was a huge plus. We had lots of changes and they accommodated everything while remaining realistic.

Josh Ebert, Director of Marketing | META Solutions


A Dynamic Marketplace

The outcome of this project included a smart marketplace, which allows customers to search through various service offerings, add them to an inquiry, and send that request to sales representative. Custom Google analytics allow more specific user tracking.

A Custom Map

An interactive map allows potential customers to familiarize themselves with other customers already working with the company.

Personalized Resource Portals

Another function of the site is to share resources with hundreds of employees across the state. The personalized resource portals are easily managed by department chairs and customizable to each users preferred links.