Connecting the Dots

META Solutions

The Brief

META Solutions was formed from the merger of five companies.

Madhouse’s role was to craft a new digital architecture that clarified the unified service offerings, while designing to reduce information overload. We created a website anchored around a smart, dynamic marketplace, which allows customers to add services to an inquiry, and send that request to sales representative.

Making Support Simple

With nearly 1,000 member districts each needing access to a unique set of hundreds of logins, links and documents, making the website easily searchable and sortable was a fundamental design consideration. Equally as is important, was building a content management system that allowed META staff to easily keep support content fresh and useful.


The Map

In order to better visualize the network of META clients, we created an interactive map to show who and how META is involved.

Madhouse’s commitment to the right solution was a huge plus. We had lots of changes and they accommodated everything while remaining realistic.

Josh Ebert
Director of Marketing