Screenprinting Holiday Cards

November 22, 2019

Madhouse Graphic

'Tis the Season to Be Experimental

Every year, about this time, someone plants the seed to design a holiday card for our clients and friends. The idea catches on and concepts start to tumble around the office. But then, as these things often go, the card idea takes the back burner while we crank on some client work.

But when middle school student Cooper Gensler spent a week with us, the stars aligned. It was time to get in the studio and show him something he wasn’t likely to see anywhere else.

This year’s card became an all-hands-on-deck collaboration. Everyone in the office (even Cooper!) created their own small holiday-themed graphic. Doodles of snowflakes and lights. Woodblock Christmas tree prints. Dogs in Santa hats. Anything goes with this one.

Then, we took an experimental approach. Transferring each graphic to the computer and printing on transparencies, it was time for a mashup. We combined the individual designs into two different mega-layouts and exposed two separate screens. Each screen took a different color and we got to work printing.

The result? Something entirely unexpected and unique.

We’ll be adding one more layer and then trimming out individual cards from the larger sheets for one-of-a-kind mailers.

There’s something to be said for teaming up and diving in. A little bit of everything. From a little bit of all of us.

Madhouse Graphic
Madhouse Graphic