Girl Power!

Building Bridges for the Next Generation

Toothpicks and marshmallows.

It’s probably not the most straightforward way to talk to girls about pursuing a career in web development. But getting small hands and eager minds engaged in the creative, structural process of building bridges, houses, and abstract monuments is a window into the world of development that doesn’t require a screen.

Girl Power! is an annual event hosted by the Imagination Station that introduces girls in grades three through eight to world of career options in STEM fields, and the women leading the way in those fields. This year, Madhouse designer and developer Rachel Rine joined up with Sarah Womack of Spoke, to represent women in web development.

And also to build some bridges.

At the end of the day, what we do here at Madhouse is about building. Taking small, familiar components and building them into something new. Learning which patterns are the strongest, and optimizing along the way. Working within constraints, designing for aesthetics and performance. And that is, most definitely, women’s work.