Looking for Stars

The University of Toledo

The Brief

Build a multi-faceted campaign to increase student enrollment and university awareness.

The University of Toledo reached out to Madhouse for help creating a thorough marketing campaign for their new enrollment cycle. From messaging and strategy to creative deliverables, Madhouse helped the enrollment team tell the university story in a way that resonated with students.

First we listened. Madhouse led an interactive messaging workshop for the university enrollment team. Together we identified milestones in the enrollment process and key moments in the undergraduate decision-making process. The results of this workshop became the foundation for messaging and tone for marketing materials to follow.


The message centered on discovery, determination, community and opportunity — the idea that The University of Toledo is a place where barriers are broken and opportunities are available for all willing to go the distance. The TV spot reflects this, ending with a nod to the university’s latest astronomical discovery.

Email Campaign Series

Madhouse helped restructure the email communication flow and design a custom email campaign targeted to specific enrollment populations. As the message took shape, “looking for stars” became a continuous thread — this time, positioned as a call to action for prospective students.

Utol Lookingforstars Email Phone 01

Undergraduate Postcard Series

Extending the email campaign to ink and paper, Madhouse created a postcard series to target prospective students.

Utol Lookingforstars Postcard N04
Utol Lookingforstars Postcard N02

Orientation Booklet

As the enrollment cycle nears full circle, enrolled students prepare for their first day at the university. Madhouse designed the orientation guidebook — providing a tool for students to navigate the transition into being a Rocket.

UTOL Looking for Stars Guidebook Cover
Utol Lookingforstars Guidebook 02
Utol Lookingforstars Guidebook 03