Madhouse teamed up with The Nature Conservancy to redesign a booklet geared to inform, inspire and empower the people that live and travel within the unique landscape of the Oak Openings Region with a strong focus on preservation and restoration. 


Present a large amount, and varying types, of information in an effective and useful way.

The Solution

This guide empowers you to make a positive impact.

Jennifer Thieme | Editor of the Guide

Custom Icons

A collection of custom icons to label each section that are still impactful at a small scale.

Color Scheme

A color scheme that drew from the hero images of each section to celebrate the colors found in nature, rather than limit the palette.

Chapter Structure

A consistent chapter structure that allows for each chapter to highlight unique information while still fitting in the system. 

Call Outs

Callout boxes and call-to-action boxes to highlight top-level, useful tips and features throughout. 

Photo Pages

Photo layouts in the back of each section to allow for a beautiful photography spread that doubles as a habitat identification chart.