Brand Design

IntelliShop is one of the leading mystery shopping providers in the U.S. They pride themselves on going the extra mile for every client, focusing on long-term relationships, and just doing things right.

When they approached us about helping them reinvent their brand and redesign their website, we realized right away that they needed a bold, in-your-face identity that would set them apart in their industry as fresh and groundbreaking.

A Logo That Speaks Loud and Clear

After a few rounds of revisions we landed on a logo concept we dubbed Conversation. Minimal and straightforward, their new identity is less about having all the right ideas and more about being casual, open, and authentic.


Our Redesign

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Texture & Mood

When we take a fresh look at an existing brand, we brainstorm applications for all of the ways that the new look could be applied to make sure it is flexible enough to go the distance.

An overview of branded marketing materials.

A Family Of Brands

Launching a new visual identity touched all aspects of IntelliShop's communications. We helped them put a new spin on their industry blog and gave a little personality to existing products. Together they create a cohesive identity that is bold and easy to recognize.

Supporting Brand Elements

We designed a brand language to illustrate Intellishop's personality.

Greg Jenkins, Designer // Madhouse

Engaging Shoppers

One of the two target audiences that IntelliShop needed to reach with this website was potential shoppers. Their new site helps them attract, enlist and educate quality mystery shoppers

Engaging Clients

From huge corporations that know exactly what they need, to smaller franchises that are just getting started with mystery shopping, the site speaks clearly and confidently about how IntelliShop can help make businesses better.

Perfect on every device.

A smooth, rich experience on mobile devices and tablets was crucial to making this site a success.