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The Brief

IntelliShop is one of the leading mystery shopping providers in the U.S. They pride themselves on going the extra mile for every client, focusing on long-term relationships and just doing things right.

When they approached us about helping them reinvent their brand and redesign their website, we realized right away that they needed a bold, in-your-face identity that would set them apart in their industry as fresh and groundbreaking. After a few rounds of revisions, we landed on a logo concept we dubbed Conversation. Minimal and straightforward, their new identity is less about having all the right ideas and more about being casual, open and authentic.

Intellishop Logo
Primary Color Palette
Primary Color Palette
Intellishop Logo Paper
Intellishop Sheet

The Website

IntelliShop’s website was the perfect place to showcase their new visual identity and set themselves apart from their competitors. At intelli-shop.com new clients get a memorable introduction to a growing brand, and IntelliShop’s network of hundreds of thousands of mystery shoppers get quick answers when questions arise.

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Intellishop Iphone
We designed a brand language to illustrate IntelliShop’s personality.

Greg Jenkins
Designer, Madhouse