The Toledo Museum of art approached Madhouse to become a design partner for an exciting new exhibition. 

“I Approve This Message: Decoding Political Ads” aims to help museum-goers decode political television ads, using visual literacy tools, to find out what motivates them to vote — pride, anger, fear or hope.


Logo, color palette, graphics


Limited edition screen-printed poster, t-shirts and totes, enamel lapel pin, notebook and pencil pack, stickers and buttons

Promotional Materials

Video, digital ads, yard signs, snapchat filters

Building a System

The logo was designed to be compelling when isolated, while also setting up a system, including colors and graphic treatments, to live throughout the various elements of the brand.

Exhibition Merchandise

Large-scale timeline

Madhouse also designed The Evolution of Political Advertising timeline that appears within the exhibition. Organizing the information in an impactful yet engaging way, that fit within the brand, was key.

Diving into the evolution of political advertising