A Neighborhood of Brands

The Hensville website provided a unique challenge to the Madhouse interactive team — create one cohesive user experience while accommodating a variety of individual brands. The solution needed to be flexible enough to grow in the future, and provide a centralized engine to power all the different content.

Custom Theming, Consistent Experience

All pages are built using the same content management system and page components. Creating modular, reusable components is the key to maintaining variety in content from page to page.

Our approach to content management.

Dynamic Design

The CMS then applies the appropriate theme to change colors, logos and fonts, while keeping the core components of the site consistent.

  • #8a2a2b
    Hensville Primary
  • #7d2728
    Hensville Secondary
  • #192730
    Hensville Tertiary
  • #ceb888
    Hensville Accent
  • #1e384a
    Fleetwood's Primary
  • #455259
    Fleetwood's Secondary
  • #d8c196
    Fleetwood's Tertiary
  • #c4622d
    Fleetwood's Accent

Standardized Staples

Despite the flexibility in page content, some things should never change. Regardless of theme applied, the navigation and footer remain structurally consistent.


3D Map

Take a spin (literally) around the neighborhood with the interactive map feature and find the best spot for drinks and a game.

Smart Event Management

A central calendar and smart event widgets show the right things to the right audience.


Design Principles
Responsive design, SEO and social driven content, fast load times, custom content management system build
Our Role
Site architecture, site design, front end build, content management system development
Tech Used
HTML, Sass/CSS, Javascript, Craft CMS, Google Analytics, three.js