Inspire Through Learning

Grosse Pointe Public Library

The Brief

Modern Library Experience

Users expect more from libraries than ever before. With an abundance of digital collections, research tools and multimedia resources, crafting an online presence that can curate digital experiences is an opportunity for libraries to engage patrons on a completely new level.
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Accessible Design

A truly beautiful website is equal parts form and function. As the library is a truly open and inclusive place, so too must be their website. Built to ADA standards for accessibility, fully responsive and optimized to perform quickly, we strive for experiences that work for humans — not robots.

Youth Mobile Grosse Pointe New

Content Curation

Much as a librarian might guide you through a physical space, the website seeks to guide users through by presenting content in collections, organized by theme or audience. The curious clusters are made possible by a custom content management system that makes pieces of content both reusable and customizable for optimal content design.

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The Brand

The library system’s pewabic tile-inspired stamp carried both brand recognition and community relevance. Madhouse updated the existing mark to give a fresh feel. We then added custom modern type, inspired by the central branch’s mid-century modern signage. With the help of a brighter color palette, the result is an updated brand that maintains all recognition.

Before After
Primary Color Palette
Primary Color Palette

Brand Visualization

Using the pewabic stamp as oversized, abstract background shapes adds additional texture and character to the visual language of the brand. The brand is further built out to follow a logo-based grid system.

Letterheade Gppl
Buttonsbag Gppl
Grossepointe Sign
Gpl Card
Grossepointe Bizcard
We accomplished a lot in a very short time. Madhouse is great to work with and we’re thrilled with the site and our refreshed brand.

Mary Short
Marketing and Programming Director