Fueling Tomorrows

The University of Toledo

The Brief

A brand is the feeling people have about you. It reinforces your values, establishes legitimacy, and builds trust. When The University of Toledo wanted to launch a new brand in 2019, we were thrilled to partner with them.

Through diligent research, collaboration and strategic decision-making, we redefined their brand and institutional outlook, while maintaining the legacy of the historic brand. Fueling Tomorrows exists beyond a tagline — it’s a framing device and foundational narrative. This campaign tells the story of who The University of Toledo is and where the University is headed.

Building a Brand System

The new brand includes comprehensive messaging and positioning including voice and tone, personality, and unique writing tools, as well as a complex visual system including an expanded color palette, grid system, custom icons, and photographic style.

Fueling Tomorrows represents The University of Toledo’s persistent dedication to discovery. It champions the infinite potential of driven minds — and the progress that results from reaching toward the future together. With equitable access to opportunity and a strong support system, all at The University of Toledo are empowered to dig deeper, find answers and explore possibilities. This is a testament to the determination necessary to better oneself, our community and the greater human condition.

Expanded Primary Palette
Expanded Primary Palette
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New roll banners

An important piece in launching the new brand was The University of Toledo viewbook. The booklet needed to reflect the university’s values and personality, while also capturing the eye of prospective students.

Driven by student voices, we designed a viewbook that was as bold and confident as the University itself. While standing out was the goal, functionality was also important. The booklet’s unique format was inspired by UToledo’s custom grid system which allowed for a die-cut short cover, a fold-out flap, and a special-shaped folder pocket. Also adding to the style of the piece is the stark white cover, which is coated in a soft-touch texture with a spot varnish shield for dramatic effect.

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