From Egypt to Toledo

Toledo Museum of Art

The Brief

The Toledo Museum of Art called on Madhouse to design and market their special installation featuring Egyptian artifacts and mummies.

Alongside showcasing Egyptian culture, the museum looked to spark a larger community dialogue on the ethics and conservation concerns surrounding the display of mummies in cultural institutions. Madhouse worked with TMA to balance education and celebration — creating an interactive and informative exhibition experience.

TMA 013P Mummies Type 02
Primary Palette
Primary Palette

Graphic Elements

Ancient Egyptian motifs, commonly featured in their art and religion, are used as continuing design elements throughout the exhibition. The scarab beetle — often symbolizing the renewal of life — was paired with lotus flowers and sun disks and marked above doorways.

TMA 013P Mummies Graphics 07
TMA 013P Mummies Graphics 03

Exhibition Design

The exhibition entrance was inspired by Egyptian architecture, replicating the entrance to a tomb. Inside the exhibition, Madhouse designed informational and interactive panels to lead patrons throughout the space.

TMA 013P Mummies Exhibition 01
TMA 013P Mummies Hero
TMA 013P Mummies Parallax02
TMA 013P Mummies Exhibition 05
TMA 013P Mummies Exhibition 06

Exhibition Guide

Madhouse also created a booklet as an exhibition companion piece. Sharing more in-depth information on the featured artwork and Egyptian history, the booklet serves as a tangible guide and keepsake for the mummies experience.

TMA 013P Mummies Booklet 03B
TMA 013P Mummies Booklet08B
TMA 013P Mummies Booklet09B
TMA 013P Mummies Banner
TMA 013P Mummies Exhibition 02