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Detroit Public Library

The Brief

We partnered with DPL to design and produce a site that would serve Detroit now and into the future.

The library continues to adapt with the city to ensure that Detroiters’ needs are met with diverse collections, engaging programs, and enriching classes. Early on in the project, we learned how important a sense of community is to this local treasure and every detail of the site was built with the goal of connecting people.
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The foundation of every library is to deliver information and ideas to people. DPL offers databases of local history, catalogs of digital content from a broad array of providers and – of course – millions of books. We leveraged existing APIs and developed our own to bring all of these repositories into one universal search tool.

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Primary Color Palette
Primary Color Palette

Content Mapping

User-friendly doesn’t happen by accident.

The trademark minimalism and elegant interfaces found in Madhouse sites are born out of years of experience and careful planning.

We love solving our clients’ biggest problems, perfecting their deal breakers, and coming through on the most urgent goals they have for their web projects. But we’ve found that big solutions come to life through the process of digging in to the minutia and getting the finest details right.

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Working with Madhouse was a total joy.

They totally got the vision and mission of Detroit Public Library and were able to translate it into the amazing web presence that we have today.

Victor Ibegbu
Assistant Director of Information Systems