Screen Printing

Paper and Ink

Made By Hand

For real. There are no machines in our print shop. Each color, each sheet, each finish is applied by human hands. These are fine artisanal objects; signed, numbered, and printed in limited editions. They feel good in your hands and look better on your walls.

Screenprint Poster Iatm

We Approve This Poster

One of many support pieces, this gorgeous 4-color print on 100# French Steel Gray was printed to accompany a 2014 exhibit at TheToledo Museum of Art. 25x19 inches. Edition of 100. Sold out.

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Rock Paper Scissors

Screen printing is one of the oldest forms of reproduction around. It’s a dead-simple, forgiving process that yields an aesthetic like no other. We’ve done gig posters for big rock shows, small invites and cards for friends, art posters just for the fun of it. We’ve used glow-in-the-dark ink, chocolate syrup and we’ll even cop to an experiment with glitter. It’s all good. It’s all fun.

Screenprint Postercombo Part1A
Screenprint Postercombo Part7
Screenprint Postercombo Part6